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Testimonials from our valued customers

We more than welcome your comments and testimonials. Here are a number of responses that we have received over the past 3.5 years. If you have had a pleasant transaction with us, and are satisfied with your purchase, please feel free to SUBMIT A TESTIMONIAL. We would love to hear from you!

70. Laurence Hilman
Los Angeles, California
May 3, 2004
Mirror Black V600 and V620
and Show Chrome V600 and V620

"The faceplates arrived today and they look amazing... I couldn't be happier with how they came out. The Chrome Plated looks even better in person than I even thought it would.. Keep me posted if you come up with any new colors.

Once again, thanks they are really great and thanks for getting them out to me so quickly. Speak to you soon..."

Larry Hilman

69. Sam Fuerstman
Randolph, New Jersey
May 3, 2004
Show Chrome V600 and V620

"I received the Chrome Plated V600 Faceplate today! It looks amazing! It matches the Chrome Plated design perfectly that came standard on the phone. The Faceplate looks exactly like the pictures you had on your website. Thanks again for taking the time to give me details about the various faceplates and for the awesome job well done!"



68. Thomas K. Odell
Santa Monica, California
May 1, 2004
Mirror Black V600 and V620
and Show Chrome V600 and V620
Dear Chad:

"I first came across your Faceplate auction while doing research trying to decide whether to buy a Motorola V600 phone. The pictures of your Chrome Plated plates were the final piece I needed make that decision. You were running an auction that weekend and I decided to get a pair of your Chrome Plated plates even though I hadn't even ordered a V600 phone yet. I was so happy with the decision to get the Chrome Plated faceplates that I ordered my V600 the day after winning the auction. Your Chrome Plated faceplates and my V600 phone all arrived together the following Wednesday morning in my mail. I was very happy.

After putting the faceplates on my new V600 I started to wonder why Motorola didn't offer Chrome Plated faceplates with the V600 themselves. Then I realized the work that goes into manufacturing a set of these Chrome Plated faceplates. The layering of the metal coating and the plating process is not something that can easily be done on a production line.

After using the Chrome Plated faceplates for a few weeks, I found myself occasionally looking at your other auctions. I really liked your Mirror Black faceplates. I decided I had to get a pair of those too. I seem to remember that deal closed on a Saturday and again your follow-up was exceptional with you calling to confirm and promising to rush to the post office to make sure the faceplates shipped to me as soon as possible. I had my new Mirror Black faceplates by Monday afternoon. Your powder coating finish was very well done. It is amazing how close a match the Mirror Black is with the Motorola Black centerpiece in the phone. The first day the Mirror Black faceplates were on my phone, I had three separate sets of people stop me at lunch to compliment me and ask about the phone.

My biggest problem now is deciding which set of faceplates -- the Chrome Plated or the Mirror Black -- to put on the phone and when. I love both sets.

I commend you on your commitment to excellence. You are very thorough in making sure your faceplates meet a consistent quality standard. You also are a terrific communicator and you stay in contact with your customers. Thanks for providing both a quality product and a quality buying experience."


Thomas K. Odell

67. Jon Charles Edwards
Monroe, New Jersey
April 26, 2004
Gloss Yellow V60
and Show Chrome V60

"Where do I begin?? Your communication throughout the entire ordering and shipping process was awesome. It was so easy to order, and within a week everything was in my hands.

The packing of the faceplate was awesome. You even include instructions on how to change the faceplate. Everything about your business is first class!

Lets get to the actual faceplate. Your website has great pictures on it. The actual faceplate is stunning!! I put it on and in one day I had about 20 people ask me where they could find one.

If you are someone looking for a faceplate this is the one and only place to get it.. You won't be let down."


Jon C. Edwards

66. Adrian Wright
Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom
March 9, 2004
Mirror Black V600 and V620
and Show Chrome V600 and V620
You're a star!

"I'd joined the auction really to try-out eBay, and if I won all the better. I like the proxy bidding etc... Initially I wasn't too sure about the Black Covers but they were a reasonable excuse to join in, and I "knew" the seller, so it was a safe one to try!

I realized at the start that I would have problems due to time differences.....it was 5.00 AM here when the auction closed, so I would not be able to respond to late bids, but the proxy bidding is great for that, and I could not lose my head and pay more than my personal limit!

Great Fun though, and after seeing the pics of the cases so often, I had fallen for them! Don't know why I need 4 sets of covers?

It's been a pleasure...I won't forget the feedback...or to post more pics to the forums when they arrive."


Adrian Wright

65. Steve Mallory
Las Vegas, Nevada
March 5, 2004
Show Chrome V600 and V620
and Black Stardust V600 and V620
Hey Chad,

"Got the faceplates and they are incredible. I really like the Chrome Plated faceplates and they don't seem to get smudged from my hands like I thought they would. Got to keep the Chrome Plated on for a while before I try the Stardust Black."



64. Jonathan Moore
West Midlands, United Kingdom
March 3, 2004
Show Chrome V600 and V620
"Hi, I would just like to say thanks for my Chrome Plated faceplates. I received them Monday and put them on my new V600 today, they look superb and the delivery time was excellent. Thanks again for a great product and great service."

Jonathan Moore

63. Jorge Fernandez
Miami, Florida
February 23, 2004
Show Chrome V60
Hello Chad,

"I should have wrote to you a long time ago to thank you sooooo much for the V60 Chrome Plated covers for my V60 color cell phone. Everyone, I mean everyone who sees my phone wants to touch it.

They love it, they can't believe how shiny it is.

I just wanted to say thanks very much. I will be buying another set real soon to have for a back up."

Keep up the great work! thanks again,

Jorge Fernandez

62. Ronald Lee
Boston, Massachusetts
January 29, 2004
Flat Black V60
"Thank you so much Chad! Ordered my Flat Black V60i Slim faceplates on Sunday, January 25th and received them on Saturday, January 31st. When I took them out of the box, they were packaged so that nothing could harm them at all. Great packaging! I have heard great comments on various forums about your custom powder coating. It did not prepare me for how they really look! Very high quality powder coated faceplates! The quality just blew me away! They are top notch quality!

Once I put them on my phone, they just look so amazing! It transforms the phone drastically and I love the look! I love the stealth look of things and am not a flashy person. The Flat Black faceplates definitely fit the bill for me!

There is one problem however. They look so good that I am always afraid of scratching or dropping my phone. This is why I am thinking about sending my current scratched faceplates into Chad to get the Silver Vein treatment done.

I highly recommend Chad's powder coated faceplates to anyone! They are top notch in quality and has fast shipping and excellent communication. He will not dissatisfy you at all!"

Ron Lee
Boston, MA

61. Albert Quaintance
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
January 29, 2004
Gloss White V60

"Received my White Extended V60 Faceplate today. Thanks for all your great work. Shipping, communication, and price were all top quality; as well as the best sales site I've seen on eBay. But the very best is the fantastic workmanship on the Faceplate itself. This is far superior to Motorola OEM. The White enamel finish is outstanding and the completed phone is stunning and unique. You have positive feedback. I only regret it is limited to 80 characters, that is not enough to fully praise this product. Fantastic Job!!!!!!!"

Thank You

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