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Testimonials from our valued customers

We more than welcome your comments and testimonials. Here are a number of responses that we have received over the past 3.5 years. If you have had a pleasant transaction with us, and are satisfied with your purchase, please feel free to SUBMIT A TESTIMONIAL. We would love to hear from you!

140. Maximilian Pachmayr
München, Germany
September 27, 2005
Gloss White V60
"Thank you Chad for the personal e-mails, for the great support and, of course, the excellent faceplates! My Moto now looks just great :-) Thanks again, Max"

139. Christian Thompson
Silver Spring, Maryland
September 24, 2005
Show Chrome V635
"Ordered my plates Thursday evening and received them Saturday. Talk about fast. These plates are amazing. I can see my reflection in them. Stunning as the word that best fits. I feel honored to have the very first Show Chrome plates for the V635 sold on metalfaceplates.com. Flawless, these plates are definitely worth the money. :) Highly recommended. Thanks soo much Chad."

138. Diana Ramirez
Merced, California
September 18, 2005
Powder Pink V635
and Powder Pink Thumbtack Antenna
Hi Chad!
"I received my faceplate and antenna yesterday and I MUST tell you that you did a FABULOUS job! I just can't thank you enough for your patience with me, the overall customer service, and the faceplate/antenna turnout."

Thank you SO much!

137. Barry Evans
Tucson, Arizona
September 16, 2005
Silver Vein V60
and Gold Vein V60
and Copper Vein V60
and Yellow Textured V60
"Awesome products. I purchased 4 to use on my V60s and V60i. The minute I put my phone on the table someone has to have a look and wants to know where I got this beautiful face plate set. The face plates are more than worth the investment. My problem is deciding which cover I want to use. They are all so beautiful and each has its own statement to make."

136. William Rasberry
Rochester, New York
September 3, 2005
Mirror Black V60
and Black Wrinkle V60

"The faceplates arrived and they are fantastic. The pictures do not do them justice. Excellent workmanship, very well packaged and "super fast" delivery. They really dress up my Motorola V60i cell phone. You are on my Favorites List and will be referring you to my friends and family."

Thank you
William Rasberry
Rochester, New York

135. Greg Hansen
Shelton, Washington
September 4, 2005
Mirror Black V635
"Absolutely gorgeous work! These guys know how to do Customer Service. Received an email, and a PHONE CALL, confirming my order! Received the faceplates in 2 days. Look beautiful on my V635. I will be a repeat customer. Thanks!!"

134. Papanii Doku
Trinidad, Port of Spain
August 31, 2005
Mirror Black V635
"It's great to know that there are still businessmen with integrity like Chad around. Very professional, great sense of humor and beautiful faceplates. Chad I am totally happy with my Mirror Black faceplate. Thanks again man."

133. David Ebarle
Santa Clara, California
August 22, 2005
Flat Black V60
and Red Wrinkle V60

"Got em 2day... Again, perfect fit!! Your product is truly well done.... I hope you continue to add new ones to your line, and keep up with whatever the wireless market throws at us...

It must be difficult with the shelf life of a typical cell phone equal to whatever is on sale at Old Navy..."

Thanks again!!


132. Christian Thompson
Silver Spring, Maryland
August 22, 2005
Gloss Yellow V635
"I absolutely love my Gloss Yellow faceplates. They are perfect. I rushed home from work so I could wait for the mail to arrive so I could put the faceplates on. They are amazing Chad. Thank you soo much."

131. Dave Faria
Brampton, Ontario, Canada
August 17, 2005
Mirror Black Nextel i860
"Great person to deal with, very professional helped me out with buying me the extended faceplate Powder Coating and the shipping it out to me... no one else would have done that, but he did. Once again thank you so much for the great batt cover."

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