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Testimonials from our valued customers

We more than welcome your comments and testimonials. Here are a number of responses that we have received over the past 3.5 years. If you have had a pleasant transaction with us, and are satisfied with your purchase, please feel free to SUBMIT A TESTIMONIAL. We would love to hear from you!

90. Michael
Honolulu, Hawaii
February 15, 2004
Mirror Black V600 and V620
"Man these plates are sexy. I was at a point where I didn't really care about my V600, and was about to dump it for a new phone. I always wanted to buy these plates, but never had the money. When Chad dropped prices I was on this like a fat kid on cake! And wow, I love this phone again. I ordered a new cover cause mine is all scratched up and a new black antenna to keep with the theme. Thanks Chad, you do awesome work."

89. Scott Lloyd
Sylmar, California
February 4, 2005
Copper Vein V60
"Chad, My only regret is that I LOST my beautiful V60 with the Copper Vein shell and that Cingular's insurance replaced with an all plastic V180. Your products are first rate. I highly, highly recommend you, not just for the beauty of your faceplates, but also for the professionalism of your enterprise. Good Luck in the future. "

88. Mark Rorem
Palmer, Alaska
February 3, 2005
Silver Vein V600 and V620
and Thumbtack Antenna
"Chad, Your "Silver Vein" faceplate has made me fall in love with my V600 again, I was actually thinking about buying a new phone, but with this "face-lift" and can't imagine how any other phone could look better. I also purchased a Silver Vein Thumbtack antenna, also very cool. Now if I can only talk myself into the hands-free mic plug (I am sure I will shortly). Looking forward to doing more business with you in the near future. mrorem"

87. Larry Greenberg
Rydal, Pennsylvania
January 27, 2005
Bright Red V600 and V620
and Mirror Black V600 and V620
and Dark Green V600 and V620
and Show Chrome V600 and V620
"Metalfaceplates.com does business they way I wish every on-line retailer did. Great communication, lightning fast shipping and on top of that a great product too. You can't ask for more than that. I've ordered four sets of faceplates for my V620 already and will surely order more."

86. Jason Allen
Ithaca, New York
January 21, 2005
Orange V600 and V620
"I just received my Orange V600 faceplates after a shipping snafu due to the winter storm here but no worries. I LOVE THEM. They look so much better in person. It's been said over and over that you really have to see a faceplate in person on your phone to realize how good they are, and it's absolutely right. They look good on the website, but in person, on the phone they are amazing. It's a totally different phone, and the quality is top notch. Great job Chad. No smudging, no scratching I am very happy with my purchase and will probably purchase something else in the very near future. I'm thinking Orange thumbtack antenna, as well as Yellow faceplates. Once again, great job Chad!"


85. Kevin Ligrest
Allentown, Pennsylvania
January 18, 2005
Show Chrome V600 and V620
"I just received my Show Chrome Plated faceplates for the Motorola V620. They are freaking awesome!! Trust me they are worth it all the way. Especially when you are starting with the factory plates. It looks like one of a kind, gives that high end classy look and makes the phone look so much more sophisticated.....the quality is absolutely outstanding. It is very nice to know that there are still people out there that still take pride in their work............definitely an A++++++ job"

84. Bryan Ackermann
Fairfax, Virginia
August 16, 2004
Copper Vein V600 and V620
and Gloss Yellow V600 and V620
and Show Chrome V600 and V620
with a Copper Vein Thumbtack Antenna and Headset Plug

"I received the Copper Vein faceplate yesterday - I just have to say that you have outdone yourself on this one - I thought the Chrome and Yellow plates were great - the Copper is just *classy* - thanks for putting out such a great product! The antenna and headset plug fit perfectly, and I see no difference in reception with the thumbtack style antenna...."


Response from metalfaceplates.com....................Just an interesting fact here.....Bryan just happened to be the very first person ever to have a set of my Real Show Chrome Plated Faceplates for the Motorola V600, and still to this day, August 25, 2004, he has them and is enjoying them. You can view the very first Show Chrome Plated V600 auction BY CLICKING HERE.

83. Kristopher Kendall
July 27, 2004
Show Chrome V600 and V620

"The Chrome Plated faceplates arrived today, and i've got to say...the pictures don't do them justice. They are awesome. I am going to come back for more. Since I am in Iceland now, I only know of one other person with the V600, but when I move to England, I will be telling everyone that I see about you. I know that someone with a V600 that sees my phone will want some. I will be back for more soon I am sure, so the more colors you make the better. Thanks again for truly making the V600 the best phone on the market."


82. Ray
Newport Beach, California
July 27, 2004
Show Chrome V600 and V620

"I must say, even before receiving the product, you have added quite a bit of value to my purchase. Thank you so much for the prompt and thorough reply. As a consumer, there is little I respect and value more than exemplary customer service such as yours. I now have every confidence that the faceplates will be worth every penny to me (however, one who is willing to spend $100 on faceplates for a phone is a rare person indeed). Should the faceplates live up to expectations, I will be sure to recommend them to my friends. Thank you again for taking your business beyond what you ship."

Kind Regards,


81. Kim Turnham
Perkins, Oklahoma
July 24, 2004
Orange V600 and V620
and Lime Green V600 and V620
"I ordered and received (amazingly fast) the Orange faceplate for my Mother (V600). She absolutely loved it. (I didn't tell her how much it was, though).

I am going to order one (Lime Green) for my V600 as soon as Paypal gets their credit card services back up and running.

Just wanted to thank you for the extremely quick turn around on the first one I ordered. I thought they were way to expensive, but she wanted one in OSU Orange and you had the only Orange one I could find anywhere. I liked it sooo much i'll pay the extra money and get me one too. You do a great job painting/coating them and I love that they are not the "C.H.E.A.P." plastic ones you can buy just anywhere."

Thank you!

Kim Turnham


"You do have a great product and I am going right now to see if you have your eBay store yet. I will keep watching for new colors and I will definitely be back.

When I bought my V600 phone I got a lot of flack from my Mother due to the price, then when she watched me "play" with it (as she says) she decided to go buy one herself. I gave her the orange faceplate and within two days she had " shown off" her phone to so many people that her two best friends and her co-worker went and bought one. Motorola should put YOU on their payroll. I read some of the other testimonials and many times people have decided to buy the V600 because of your faceplates. That says a lot.

You should be proud of your work and your business!"

God Bless!
Kim Turnham

Response from metalfaceplates.com....................I am very proud of my work and my business, and I take great pride in each and every single faceplate that I produce! Thank you very much for your compliments, and thank you to everyone else as well!

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