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Testimonials from our valued customers

We more than welcome your comments and testimonials. Here are a number of responses that we have received over the past 3.5 years. If you have had a pleasant transaction with us, and are satisfied with your purchase, please feel free to SUBMIT A TESTIMONIAL. We would love to hear from you!

80. Toni Mills
Northampton, Pennsylvania
July 24, 2004
Plum Purple V600 and V620
"I just wanted to let you know that I did receive the faceplate. It is just gorgeous. I love it! How unique it is. How do I find out the other colors that you have? Is that listed on your website?
Thanks again."


Response from metalfaceplates.com....................To view more of my many exciting colors, all you simply have to do is visit my PRODUCTS PAGE!! You can very simply purchase more unique sets with Paypal directly from me!

79. John Chybinski
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
July 21, 2004
Lime Green V600 and V620
Hey Chad,

"Sorry for the delay, but I had to travel unexpectedly and did not get my faceplate until returning home today.

It's unbelievable! The color is fantastic and looks / feels much better than the anodized faceplate.

Will leave positive feedback tonight on eBay. You're on my eBay watch list now so if you post anything I'll be over to take a look :o)"

Regards - John

Response from metalfaceplates.com....................I am actually in the process right now of opening up a brand new eBay Store!!! Within the next couple of weeks, you will find many many new colors to be introduced for the V600 and V620, as well as all of my usual colors that are already available!

78. Conrad
July 21, 2004
Flat Black V600 and V620
"Hi Chad, The faceplates just came in today (Fri.). OMG Chad these faceplates are really good...very professional looking. I had ordered some from other UK seller on eBay and they sucked. They were metal but when they came in, they were all sticky and they weren't even real moto faceplates (no M on back). I'm impressed with the quality and the service. Keep up the good work. =) Thank you very much. It was well worth it."


77. Greg B. Curry
Dallas, Texas
July 14, 2004
Silver Vein V600 and V620
and Mirror Black V600 and V620
and Gloss White V600 and V620
and Black Wrinkle V600 and V620
and Show Chrome V600 and V620
and White Silver Vein V600 and V620
"The Black Wrinkle finish is the bomb! It looks like it is a good hard finish that will last a long time. I have given your info to several people and they indicated they would be placing orders. All the colors and finishes are great. So is your service.

Thanks for doing a quality job."

Greg B. Curry

76. Bryan R. Payne
Clarksville, Tennessee
July 14, 2004
Plum Purple V600 and V620
and Black Wrinkle V600 and V620

"I received the Black Wrinkle and Dark Purple Faceplates today. This has been a pleasurable experience from start to finish. Your work ethic, customer service, and craftsmanship are a shining example of what American businesses should strive for. The faceplates are beautiful, well worth every penny. Thanks again, and I look forward to a few more purchases from you in the future. You rock!!!"

Bryan R. Payne
Clarksville, TN

75. Kristian Dowling
Donvale, Australia
July 1, 2004
Black Wrinkle V600 and V620
"Man, oh man, oh man Chad- you are a legend! I just received my Black Wrinkle (Textured) V600 faceplate. You posted it virtually straight away and it arrived a few sleeps later- now that's service!

Since receiving this item, sexual attention from women has picked up....well maybe not quite, but everyone I show says they'd change their silly Nokia's for a Motorola V600 just for this case- even my friend who's in love with his beloved SE T630. I first wanted a Mirror Black housing (still want it) but decided to go for this version as it was more unique- and boy is it ever!

Thanks once again- truly a superior product- and delivered in the original faceplate Motorola packaging- all well wrapped in a well protected shipping box. Truly A++++++++++++!"

Best regards

Kristian D

74. Andrea Mersini
Genova, Italy
June 28, 2004
Black Wrinkle V600 and V620
Hi Chad,

"The faceplate is arrived today. Itís great, It was for my wife and sheís very happy. Congratulations!

Probably, Iíll buy another for me in the future.

Iíll go to give you a great feedback.

See you soon!"


73. Dev Pandya
Colchester, United Kingdom
May 26, 2004
Gloss White V600 and V620
"Holy shit Chad !!!!!!!!!!!
The White faceplates are sooo bad !!!!
Thanx a lot mate
I absolutely love em !!!!
My girlfriend now wants some as she's seen them in the flesh
I will drum up some business for you mate as when my friends see mine I think ill have to place another order for sure
Many thanks and respects"
Dev Paradox


72. John M. Kurko
Mt. Laurel, New Jersey
May 19, 2004
Mirror Black V600 and V620
and Show Chrome V600 and V620

"The Chrome Plated & Gloss Black faceplates just arrived and they are GREAT! Thank you. I'll spread the word - though I think your a legend on the Howard Forums. I'm Nikon1 up there, so I'll add to your fame. Are you considering doing "custom" colors? I might like to match the paint on my car."

Thank you!

71. Davide Tesini
Verona, Italy
May 7, 2004
Show Chrome V600 and V620
Hi Chad,

"I bought the Chrome Plated Faceplate for a Motorola V600 and what I can say? It's absolutely AMAZING...I really like it very much. I must have others faceplates. You do a very good job."

Thank You
Davide Tesini
Verona, Italy

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