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Testimonials from our valued customers

We more than welcome your comments and testimonials. Here are a number of responses that we have received over the past 3.5 years. If you have had a pleasant transaction with us, and are satisfied with your purchase, please feel free to SUBMIT A TESTIMONIAL. We would love to hear from you!

110. David Wang
Bloomington, Indiana
April 1, 2005
Black Wrinkle V635
"I am very happy with Chad's workmanship and quality of his products. This is the third set of faceplates I bought from him. Well, not exactly, I sent him my faceplate because it's not commercially available yet. And he finished it in one day and shipped already. Anyone who wants a quality faceplate for their Moto phone should be happy with metalfaceplates.com's quality and services."

109. Dev Pandya
Colchester, United Kingdom
March 30, 2005
Mirror Black V635
"Dammm !!!!!!!!!!!! Received my V635 plates today (my 2nd order from Chad I might add) SHiiiiiittt !!!!! Soooooo goood !!! The quality is quiet exceptional. Can't thank you enough Chad !! I'm the envy of every V635 owner here in the UK. Boh !!!!!!!!"

108. David Wang
Bloomington, Indiana
March 30, 2005
Show Chrome V600 and V620
and Black Stardust V600 and V620
"This is the third set of faceplates I am getting from Chad. The first was the Chrome one for the V600 that my wife stole it from me. The second one was the Black matted or whatever it was called then for my V600. Now I am looking forward for Chad to work on my V635 faceplates this week."

107. Kevin J. Keaney
Boston, Massachusetts
August 24, 2004
White Silver Vein V60

"I received my faceplates today (White Silver Vein) and they are EVEN BETTER LOOKING THAN I HAD HOPED!!!!. Thank you so much for your excellent customer service and such a fast turnaround, I am more than satisfied with my purchase."

106. Hendra Widjaja
Columbus, Ohio
August 24, 2004
Black Wrinkle V600 and V620
Hi Chad,

"I just want to let you know that I received my Black Wrinkle today.
It is just so AWESOME. I absolutely love it. Thank you so much.
I also really appreciate your excellent customer service and product care.
I must say shopping experience with metalfaceplates.com is TOTALLY TOP
I will surely recommend you to my friends."

Thanks again,

105. Walter Thornton
San Francisco, California
March 18, 2004
Show Chrome V600 and V620
"I purchased the Show Chrome Plated faceplate. Extremely pleased not only from the professional manner in which transaction transpired, also from all the compliments and inquiries directed to me from so many curious onlookers. My wife wants the 24K faceplate. You'll be hearing from my soon-or I will be hearing from her until I order it! God Bless you Chad and God Bless America!
Walter Thornton Master Warrant Officer, U.S. Navy"

104. Mark
Beantown, Massachusetts
March 12, 2005
Mirror Black Nextel i860
"Chad- the Mirror Black I ordered for my i860 is off the banga! Good work man. Anyone who wants to pimp out there shizznit should look at this website. Thanks again bro.....Mark"

103. Cuong
March 10, 2005
Mirror Black V600 and V620
and Gloss White V600 and V620
"This is the second faceplate I bought from Chad. The first one I bought was Mirror Black about 5 months ago. I thought my phone needed a change so I got Gloss White. The faceplate is awesome. I get people asking me where I got it and I just received it yesterday. I am one happy customer.."

102. Landon Beckwith
Raleigh, North Carolina
March 10, 2005
Show Chrome V60
"Was amazed how beautiful the Show Chrome Plated Faceplate is in person. The pictures don't do it justice. Customer service was the best i've experienced. Definitely would recommend to friends."

101. Dave H
London, England
March 9, 2005
Sky Blue V600 and V620
"Received my faceplates from metalfaceplates.com and am very pleased with it. Excellent communications from the metalfaceplates team. Was a pleasure doing business with metalfaceplates.com and I highly recommend them for you're Motorola faceplates. Thanks very much. Dave"

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